Suzhou xinshengqi precision mould Co., Ltd., established in September 2014,1056 Yangguang West Road, Nangang, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Wusong South Road. The location is only 5 minutes' drive from Luzhi ancient town; It reaches Wusong River in the north, Yangcheng Lake in the south, Suxin Industrial Park in the West and Kunshan in the East. The transportation is developed and convenient.

The company is mainly engaged in various precision plastic molds, aluminum magnesium die-casting mold design, powder metallurgy mold, manufacturing and other processing services. The company produces a wide range of molds. It is a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and developing high-precision plastic molds, powder metallurgy and aluminum magnesium die-casting molds. It has perfect special production equipment and testing equipment. Focus on the bearing sleeve, fan impeller, home appliance shell, automobile parts, remote controller, daily necessities, etc. involved in precision plastics. Aluminum magnesium alloy includes automobile, radiator, electrical appliance shell, aviation parts, etc; MIM mold design and processing of metal injection molding, powder injection of micro precision mechanical parts It can provide MIM mold production, precision non-standard metal parts MIM mold, medical MIM mold, 3C industry MIM mold, sports equipment MIM mold, fishing tackle MIM mold, turbine hot nozzle blade MIM mold, military MIM mold, covering the mold design and requirements of all MIM products, We always adhere to the quality policy of "taking customer demand as the guide, scientific and technological innovation as the means, management and product quality upgrading as the guarantee, and providing customers with high-quality products and services without defects". With reasonable price and timely delivery, we constantly develop new products, explore new markets, make new friends, and wholeheartedly provide high-quality services for new and old customers.
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